Eminent Domain Vote Leaves Affected Residents In The Dark


On Monday, Jan. 23, the East Troy Village Board voted to proceed with the use of eminent domain to forcibly seize land from two homeowners in East Troy on the cul-de-sac of Brooks Court.

And Then

The Village Board’s Information packet did not include information relating to eminent domain issue.

And Now, The Flash

Neither of the two adversely affected homeowners participated in the Jan. 23 meeting.

New details reveal the homeowners may not have had knowledge this meeting was taking place. During an interview Wednesday, one homeowner said he had received no notice, indicated he was unaware of a Village Board meeting discussing the issue and unaware of the 4-3 ruling Jan. 23 to proceed with the use of eminent domain to seize his land.

The other affected homeowner was not available for comment.

Two additional homeowners with properties adjacent to the lots in contention were also contacted and neither homeowner said they knew of the village board proceedings.

Fact Check

Lot Survey
East Troy Village Board Agenda
Village Board Information Packet
Village Board Meeting Audio
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